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What We Do

We create a comprehensive academic plan to guide you into North America’s top universities, and deliver on that plan! Learn how to guarantee your dream university admission below.

In addition to university prep, we offer phenomenal after-school tutoring for both elementary and secondary school students. With some of the best tutors in the Lower Mainland, Can-Star Academy guarantees boosted scores and self-confidence in: English, Math, Science, and so much more.

Whether you need that extra support in a high school course, or are looking for a more in-depth plan for university applications, Can-Star Academy will help turn your struggles into your success.

How We Work

Academic Planning


All Can-Star students are paired with an academic advisor, who plan and support your academic goals and performance. All academic advisors are highly experienced, with an extensive knowledge of university resources and courses for students. Our advisors also assist students in choosing extracurricular activities to better develop a stronger university application.

With monthly updates and progress reports, you’ll never be left behind. With a solid foundation of academic knowledge and a strong support team to ensure improved performance, students will increase their chances of entering a distinguished post-secondary institution.


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95% percent admissions to top universities since 2014

Reading Program


Our reading program fosters literacy development, and reading comprehension - both very important to crafting winning university applications. The program is comprised of a unique combination of recommended literature from both the BC teaching curriculum, and prerequisites from an array of Ivy League Schools.

This combination helps students to gain a more global perspective, and improve critical thinking. Further, the program aims to improve vocabulary development, understanding of language conventions, reading comprehension, and conventional writing skills.


Standing out on your application has never been easier.

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Extracurricular Planning


Become the well-rounded applicant your dream university is looking for! Today, universities look for more than just grades when it comes to university applications. Can-Star Academy helps our students discover extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities unique to their interests.

With our academic advisors, you will find volunteer opportunities, community contribution projects, scholarships, award competitions, internships, and so much more. You will become a leader while doing what you love!


Talent Development


Unlike traditional approaches to education, Can-Star Academy is based on university requirements and career opportunities. Through unique aptitude tests and conversations with our academic advisors, students will be exposed to a diverse set of disciplines they may be interested in studying, including: engineering, science, commerce, humanities and fine arts.

Students will then be recommended courses and extracurricular activities that match their specific interest to motivate their learning. This step ensures that students know exactly what their passions and study interests are, and helps them understand the road that lays ahead.

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Let's get this bread. To Infinity and beyond.


University Application


In creating a competitive application, students will work with an advisor who will assist them in gathering all necessary documents. The consultant and student work together in drafting a competitive application, compiling student’s prior experience and extracurricular involvement into a comprehensive report. This report is designed to assist students in producing pertinent information for their application essays, and to help them receive quality letters of reference.

Can-Star Academy will assist students in completing and tweaking their final applications, fielding any difficulties that may appear during submission. A mentor will also be available to help students practice questions in preparation for the university interview. Throughout the application process, Can-Star will provide full support until your dream university acceptance!

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I was able to get into my dream university with Can-Star’s University Prep program! Eddie helped me prepare for exams, made sure I had all the prerequisites for my program, and even helped edit my application essay! With Eddie’s help, I’m proud to say I’ll be attending McGill University this fall!

- Simon L

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Team Overview

Our staff of over 40 dedicated teachers have rich teaching experience, and hold degrees from top North American universities